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Essential Oil


Lemongrass Water Body Mist
3.2 Fl.oz/95ml e
Lemongrass water has a cooling effect and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. The smell of Lemongrass is generally perceived as refreshing , The revolutionary new line of natural botanical body mist sprays contains aromatic essential oils and skin nourishing herbal extracts, minerals and plant enzymes to nourish the skin.  They can be used as an Eau de toilette; body spray after a bath or shower, or a relaxing, stimulating, mood-enhancing essence. 
How to use
Spray on body and allow the fragrance to absorb completely into the skin.  Our body mists are similar to a fine perfume and respond to each individual body chemistry differently.
Main Ingredients
Water, Alcohol Denat., Cymbopogon Citratus ( Lemongrass ) Oil, Cymbopogon Citratus ( Lemongrass ) Leaf Water, Anthemis Centella Asiatica ( Centella ) Leaf Extract, Aloe Barbadensis ( Aloe ) Leaf Juice.
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